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State Bond Requirements
Telemarketing Bonds are surety bonds required by some states as part of their local telemarketer licensing process.  The chart below lists some of the local telemarketer bonding requirements by state.   Additional information about telemarketing bonds is available on our bonds Q&A page here

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 STATE  Bond Requirement
Bond Requirement 
Alabama  $50,000 Montana
Alaska  None Nebraska
Arizona $100,000
Nevada  $50,000
(not currently being enforced)
Arkansas  $50,000 New Hampshire
California  $100,000 New Jersey  None
Colorado  None New Mexico
Connecticut  None New York
Delaware  $50,000 North Carolina  None, unless a premium of $500 or more is offered. 
D.C.  $50,000 North Dakota None
 $50,000 Ohio   $50,000
Georgia None Oklahoma
Hawaii None Oregon
Idaho None Pennsylvania   $50,000
Illinois None Rhode Island
Indiana None South Carolina
Iowa None South Dakota
Kansas None Tennessee None

$50,000, but more if prize promotions are used.

Texas $10,000
Louisiana  $50,000 Utah
$75,000 if violated Utah telemarketing law in last 3 years, otherwise $50,000.    
Maine $10,000
Vermont None
Maryland None  Virginia  None
Massachusetts None Washington  None
None West Virginia $100,000 per location (or)
$500,000 for all locations   
Minnesota None Wisconsin  None
Mississippi $75,000
Wyoming  None 
Missouri  None  

Editor's Note: This chart is a cursory summary only, and likely contains some misstatements or omissions.  This is not legal advice.  Do not rely on this information without first consulting an experienced telemarketing attorney.  The information on this website cannot be guaranteed to be accurate, up-to-date, or useful.